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How To Prepare For Your Headshot Session: 8 Ways To Prepare

We get it! Getting your headshot done can be stressful. To help you feel prepared, here are 8 ways to prepare for your headshot session so you can crush it!

  1. CLOTHING: We recommend picking your outfit the day before your shoot. A headshot photo pictures the shoulders, or mid-chest, up to the top of the head, so the shirt is the most important item. We will mostly be shooting from the waist up, but do wear a pair of pants that goes WITH the top!Avoid shirts with busy patterns, as they distract from your face. Avoid neon or soft colors, as they easily get blown out!Go for a solid colored shirt that elongates or features your neck. Avoid turtle necks, and solid black or white, as they can wash out your skin. 

    Finally, avoid logos! We want to eliminate distractions

  2. HAIR: Get your hair styled a few weeks in advance to let it grow out a bit. Sometimes a fresh haircut can look a bit weird in photos. Let it mature!Choose a hairstyle that accentuates your face shape, if possible.
  3. SKIN: It’s very important to get a full night’s sleep the day prior, so you don’t have bags under your eyes!Drink plenty of water to keep your skin looking firm. Dehydration can cause sub-par skin tone. Avoid too much sun exposure so you don’t have inflammation for your shoot. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies so your skin doesn’t break out
  4. TEETH: Try to avoid any drinks such as coffee or wine that can stain your teeth directly before your shoot. If you do indulge, brush your teeth! We want them to look as white as possible.We can always Photoshop your teeth whiter, but this is an additional cost. It’s much cheaper just to brush your teeth!
  5. NAILS: Believe it or not, your nails matter! You too, gents! Make sure they are clean and trimmed, because if you cross your arms, they will be visible in the photo!Ladies: avoid bright colors which distract from your face. We recommend a clear finish to keep the photo simple.
  6. FACIAL HAIR: Gentlemen: shave the day prior if possible, so you don’t have irritation on your skin. Keep the hair off of your neck, unless that’s part of your look, so you have a nice, accentuated jaw line.
  7.  PLAN AHEAD: We’d hate for you to arrive late at your shoot, sweaty and disoriented because you were not prepared. This will make you look oily in photos!Give yourself at least 15 minutes to relax before your shoot.Put on a guided meditation or some relaxing music if you’re nervous, so you can radiate your true awesomeness!
  8. BE COMMUNICATIVE: If you have a good side, let the photographer know!Communicating your specific photo needs to the photographer will help him or her serve you to their highest ability. If you need a second between flashes to gather yourself and put on a fresh smile, say so! There’s no rush. 🙂

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