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The Secret to Getting Your Photo Booth Pictures on Instagram

You’re ecstatic about the number of people who’ve signed up to attend your conference this year, and you’ve got a great deal of value-added treats lined up for them. But deep down inside, you feel like something is missing.

Surely there’s a way you can elevate your guests’ experiences during the event. And surely there’s a way you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to increasing your marketing reach.

Yes, there is a way—and it’s known as the photo booth. With a photo booth, Instagram and Twitter users at your conference will have a fun, new way to share their positive experiences at your event with friends. And thanks to photo booth social media integration, you’ll have an effective tool for drawing more attention to your company.

Here’s a rundown on how to optimize rented photo booths to increase your social media reach in 2019.

Include Logos in Your Photo Booth for Instagram

A reputable photo booth company will provide you with branded photography delivery. In other words, it’ll make it possible for you to include your company’s logo on your rented booth’s photos as well as your digital media.

Why is this so critical? Because when your guests share their photo booth pictures on Instagram, the masses will see they were having a great time at your company’s event. And as a result, you may increase your base of interested customers, business partners, or even future employees with the push of a few buttons.

Include Videos and GIFs in Your Photo Booth for Instagram

Another excellent way to increase your social media reach is to rent a booth with video and animated GIF capabilities.

Static photos are always fun to share on social media, but research shows that branded videos and animated GIFs can engage audiences even more when shared on social media platforms. That’s because videos and GIFs bring captivating movement to online users’ eyes. As a result, they will increase your chances of boosting traffic to your company’s website and optimizing conversions.

Include Hashtags in your Photo Booth for Instagram

The right photo booth company will offer you photo booth social media integration that will get your company’s branded photos on Instagram and other social media sites instantly using a personalized hashtag.

Including your own hashtag on the branded photos that your event-goers take will incentivize your guests to share their pictures online. This, in turn, will help people to discover your company online. With your hashtag, you can easily increase your viewership, build your social followers, and create brand-new customers.

Optimize Your Photo Booth for Instagram to Increase Your Social Media Reach Today!

Now couldn’t be a better time to book your photo booth for your next company conference or other important events. Through effective social media integration, you can easily brand your company more effectively and ultimately boost your revenue.

Contact us at Pic Station today to begin experiencing the benefits of a photo booth rental for your social media reach.

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