Frequently Asked Questions

A: At Pic Station, we have a team of highly skilled, professional photographers who have years of expertise photographing people in a way that captures their unique personalities and engages the viewer. We also offer stellar photo booths that will allow guests at your professional or social event to capture high-quality, memorable photos and share them online.

Whether your goal is to capture beautiful portraits of your organization’s members or to allow guests to document your wedding and share it with the world, we can capture those important moments for you through our photography and photo booth rental services.

A: We stand out at Pic Station in that we’re a one-stop shop for all of your photography needs. For instance, we don’t just offer photo booths for rent; we also provide social event photo services, video booth services, custom photography solutions, hashtag printing, and portrait studio services.

On top of this, we are passionate about treating our clients like family. For this reason, we consistently give them the superior customer service they deserve, and we look forward to doing this for you, too.

A: At Pic Station, we take the proper steps to make sure that the quality of our team of photographers is consistently strong across the board. We regularly review our shoots to make sure that the proper style and quality standards are attained each time.

For this reason, we are confident that when we capture people or events for you, the style and quality of the photos you receive from us will be top-notch and consistent. At the same time, we are willing to tailor our techniques and style to you based on your unique requests. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

A: The traditional enclosed booth generally features a back wall, curtains, and a ceiling. This is a good booth to choose if you want to give your event-goers more privacy when they take their booth photos.

Meanwhile, the open-air option includes a unit along with a backdrop and screen. This option is excellent if you’d like to squeeze more individuals in photos.

A: A custom photo solution is excellent as a marketing tool, as it converts like crazy. With custom photography, you can build trust with your customers by appearing more personal and distinctive—essentially giving your company a face. We’ll work with you to give life to the unique custom photo solution you have in mind.

A: With these services, you can easily create video testimonials, which are known to leverage trust as well as social proof. With these testimonials, you can convince possible customers or future event-goers to take advantage of your service, product, or event. Social proof plays a major role in turning potential clients into actual customers and event attendees.