Why Use The Headshot Booth?

When you host an event for professionals, one of the smartest perks you can offer them is the chance to capture fresh headshots to use in their marketing. Easily add value to those in attendance by setting up The Headshot Booth at your next professional event.

The Headshot Booth is our easy, fully customizable solution to your headshot needs. Set up like a standard photo booth, your guests enter the frame, snap their new headshots and email it directly from our sharing station. Capture your guests emails right on the spot and they’ll have their new headshots in their inbox instantly.

Examples from Pic Station’s Headshot Booth

Fully Customizable for Extra Branded Impressions

With Pic Station, you won’t just receive help with providing high-quality headshots of your event guests. You’ll also have the option to add features like full branding wraps, custom screen displays, event logos, and even data capture.

Looking For Something Different?

Check Out The Headshot Studio

The Headshot Studio is run by a professional photographer giving you a high-quality, personalized headshot experience. The photographer will help guide your guests with body & head positioning crafting the perfect headshot.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our corporate portrait studios can help your employees and event guests elevate their reputations and their marketing success in today’s competitive business world.