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Your guests enter your photo booth, bust out their best duck face, and share their photos online. All of a sudden, your event is all over social media—and for the right reasons. And it’s all thanks to our Pic Station photo booth rental service. 

Our photo booth service is certainly one of the biggest reasons why clients use us to add flair to their events. But it’s not the only reason why event planners from across the United States and Canada love us.

In addition to photo booth rentals, we provide a broad array of additional valuable photography services. That’s what makes us stand out in today’s photography industry: We’re your one-stop shop for meeting all of your unique photography-related needs. Check out all of our services to find the one that will work best for your event or organization.

Photo Booths and Hashtag Printing

You can rent one of our photo booths in several major cities around Canada and the United States. The great news is that you can customize all aspects of your rental experience, ranging from your photo overlay to the hardware used. In this way, you can be sure that the booth will suit your event or brand perfectly.

You’ll also love that each photo booth has high-resolution photography, animated GIF, video, printing, and digital proper capabilities. We can also provide your event guests with branded social media prints. We make it easy to book a hashtag printer for your event, or you can include hashtag printing in your photography booth rental.

Social Media Event Photography

As part of this unique service, we’ll pair our certified professional photographers with an outstanding Internet + Social media kit that will instantly generate branded photographs for your event guests to enjoy and share. A handy printing station is just one of the smart upgrades you can add onto Pic Station’s services at your next professional or private event.

Portraits and Video

Another way to make your next business event stand out from the crowd? You can provide your event’s guests with professional headshots from one of our professional photographers. It’s something they’ll get real-world value out of, and they’ll be reminded of your event every time they use their headshot.

In addition, we can help you to capture on-the-spot attendee testimonials about your event through our video booth service. Our videos feature top-quality sound and are high definition, so they paint our clients in the positive, professional light they need to market themselves effectively.

Other Photography Solutions

At Pic Station, we’re also known for our first-rate group portraits and school portraits. We’ll gladly photograph your school’s students, your sports team, or your corporate team.

What you’ll come to love about Pic Station is that we think outside of the box. No idea of yours is too crazy for us to consider. We’ll embrace the opportunity to turn your vision into a reality! 

All in all, we realize that a picture is worth a thousand words, and at Pic Station, we’re passionate about making every one of those “words” count. Contact us for more details about our photography services, and start capturing your memories for all the world to see.

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