Social Platform

Our next generation photo delivery platform facilitates an intuitive photo, gif, and video sharing experience for guests and can be fully customized with colors, photos, and even embedded video. Tracking web traffic, social shares, time spend on the event photo site, and even updating your pre-populated hash tags in real time are all within our powers. From one event, to multi-city events, our platform allows us scalable control.

{ back end }

Data Capture


You shouldn’t be left wondering about the success of your event. Our software measures social sharing activity and allows for data capture from our iPad kiosks , helping you measure your social impact. We can also analyze your guests’ demographic breakdown and learn where people are sharing, geographically.


We can generate reports after your event which include email address, text message numbers, survey question responses, and other relevant social data to help build your marketing lists.

{ front end }



We studied our users’ social media sharing habits and realized many people prefer to share after the event is over. Our microsite solution enables guests to return to a branded photo page that facilitates photo and gif sharing after the event and delivers further user metrics.


We can create branded landing pages for your guests’ photos. Micro sites are an excellent solution for branded photo delivery as well as web traffic measurements. They can facilitate post-event photo and gif sharing, ensuring your event makes an impression long after it’s over.