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Corporate Branding, the Corporate Headshot, And LinkedIn

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If you’re wondering about the importance of having a professional photo for Linkedin but not sure how or where to get the best professional headshots, read on for some great tips. Getting the perfect professional photo can make the difference between getting that new job or going unnoticed.

Take Them As A Team Or As An Individual

The value of getting the best professional headshot can not be emphasized enough. This is because they serve several key purposes in building both an individual’s brand, as well as the brand of the company associated with the individual. Further, several things happen when you take the look of a company or a person to a sharp and well thought out design arena.

A hand holds a camera

  1. Well produced materials and looks can help to build trust with prospective clients and employers. The difference in taking a poorly lit selfie and taking a professional photo for your Linkedin profile is huge. When you employ the services of a company that specializes in corporate headshots, you know you’re going to get a certain level and standard of image. These professionals can also prepare and make sure that your look is on point with your brand identity. That means if you need help with your specific wardrobe or how to pose or even the type of backdrop to utilize, you can relax knowing you’re working with professionals who will help you look and feel your best.
  2. Corporate headshots can be taken individually to feature certain members of your company, and also be used to take group shots of your entire staff or workforce to help show the team connection associated with your company. With a company like Picstation, you can easily find the flexibility to capture the images and visuals that most accurately represent your company’s needs.

You always want to put your best ideas, work, and images out there, so take the time to learn about these great benefits to getting professional photos for Linkedin or any company taken today.


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Corporate headshots are extremely powerful and effective tools that when used properly can help to brand their organizations and businesses. Professionally taken company headshots can help relay to your prospective clients that your company is capable and definitely qualified to do the jobs and services required. Further, when you use headshots for your company, your target audience will also be more easily able to recognize your specific brand when putting up against others in the same field because they will then have a face to associate with the name of the organization.

Professional Status

Taking the best professional headshots can make your brand appear substantially more professional in the eyes of the general public as well. This also shows potential clients or employers that you are making an active effort in both self-branding and marketing campaigns. This, therefore, helps to motivate them to want to learn more about you, your business, and the services you offer. These headshots can be used on company websites, Linkedin profiles, marketing campaigns, as well as on any social media platforms. And when your brand and image are concise and clearly stated, it will attract your target audience helping to bring in more clients and work for you and your company.

Increase In Sales

Getting the best professional headshots can help improve the sales of your business as well. When you have corporate headshots professionally done for you by a reliable and trusted company, it adds a level of class, style, and sharpness to your brand image that encourages more prospects to inquire about business. It can also convey your business is trustworthy, friendly, and attentive to detail. Sincerity and authenticity shows and when people can connect with that through images, it makes a lasting impact on the way you and your company are perceived.

Make It Personal

Adding a personal touch can help your clients and prospective employers feel welcomed. This, therefore, serves to better enhance your connection or future connections to individuals. Customers want to feel that they are dealing with humans and not robots or machines when it comes to areas such as customer service and problem-solving. So having images to match to the company helps them to stay connected to you and your company long after the initial interaction takes place. Body language, smiles, and overall confidence captured on camera can go a long way in not only client relations but in boosting the self-esteem of those who work for your company.

So the next time you’re looking to get professional photos for Linkedin, consider getting the best professional headshots possible with an outstanding company like Picstation. Check them out today to learn how they can help you to capture the best sides of you and everyone in your company.

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