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How Important Is The Photo On Your Linkedin Page For Business?

A man in a navy business suit stands facing the camera.

After much preparation, you are finally ready to create your LinkedIn profile. You’ve done all the leg work to get your resume and credits looking as professional as possible, but the one thing you’re missing is a great professional photo. The importance of this last element can’t be understated.

Learning how to take a professional photo for Linkedin isn’t complicated as long as you follow a few key steps. Because, as we all know, while you might not judge a book by its cover, the value of how compelling that cover is will get people to read on.

Humans are hard-wired to make quick judgments based on appearance. Whether it’s face-to-face connections, reading physical cues that people give off, or expressions in a job interview, we are all looking for insight into each other. And in the world of social media, a profile picture represents not only who you are, but how you want to be seen. It is our sole opportunity to make a weak or strong and positive first visual impression.

When diving into learning how to take a professional photo for Linkedin, follow a few of these tips to ensure you are projecting a professional, friendly, and trustworthy image to the professional contacts you are working to make.

Why Is A Compelling Photo So Important?

In a world of commerce now guided by the digital interactions we make on a day-to-day basis, your profile photo lends you the opportunity to tell prospective employers and co-workers that there is a real-life person behind your online text content. Statistics show that LinkedIn members who have a photo receive a great deal more engagement on their profiles. And this, of course, can translate into more work.

A woman with red hair faces the camera.

Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have

When getting ready to take that professional photo for Linkedin, think of the following.

When you dress sharp for a job interview, you’re telling your prospective employer you take the opportunity seriously before you even speak a word. Along those same lines, taking a few simple steps to improve the content of your profile by polishing your photo can go far toward selling your image and your brand, and help you to get your dream job.

Start by looking at your existing wardrobe and determining what clothes you feel both confident in and also know to look great on you. You don’t necessarily need to go spend a fortune on a new outfit, but having clothes that fit well, are sharply tailored, and compliment your skin tones and facial and body features are all great assets in your corner.

Avoid crazy patterned shirts that can possibly distract from the focus, which should always be your face. It’s okay to wear something that is uniquely you, but it’s probably best to avoid shirts or other clothing that has logos or patterns that will throw off the focus.

A man in an orange tie, grey vest, and patterned shirt sits on a bench facing the camera.

Capture Who You Are

Make sure as you’re taking your photos you feel comfortable, as those who come across your image will be able to tell immediately if you’re comfortable in your own skin. Try also to find body positioning that makes you feel confident and energized. Your energy should be directed at the camera and you should appear warm and welcoming, while also confident and relaxed.

Don’t Make It A Selfie

If you don’t feel confident that your pal or next-door neighbor has the skills to take a great professional headshot for you, another way to get a great photograph is to enlist the services of a company that does it right the first time. Companies like Pic Station have great services that are specifically tailored for those who don’t know how to take a professional photo for Linkedin or any other company. Here you’ll get all the support and advice you need as you take photos with professional photographers who know how to capture the very best essence of who you are.

When you’re ready to take the photo that will take your career to the next level, don’t worry that you don’t know how to take a professional photo for Linkedin, just head to Pic Station for all your photography needs and capture the best of who you are on film forever!

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