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Photo Booth Rentals

At Pic Station, we’re excited to offer photo booth rentals for your private gathering or corporate event, or for use at your convention, trade show, or multi-day marketing activation for a day or two.

For instance, if you are hosting a wedding, our photo booths will allow your guests to capture photos of themselves on your big day in a fun way. This is an excellent way to remember the event after it’s passed, and sharing the photo on social media—thanks to our social media capabilities—will make the experience even more special.

In addition, we offer the following corporate photo booth rental services:

  • Corporate headshot services at marketing events and trade shows. We’ll set up a portrait studio at your trade show or marketing event. Then, anyone attending the show can stop by and get a corporate headshot done on the spot.
  • Corporate headshot services. Your company can rent a photo booth for 1-2 days and place it in your lobby, for example. Then, all of your employees can come by and get updated, consistent corporate headshots.

Our Photo Booth Offerings

We are excited to offer photo booth rentals in several cities across the US. With our photo booth rental service, you can simply choose the competitively priced photo booth of your choice. Then, at your event, your guests can easily use the booth to snap pictures of themselves.

Why Use Our Photo Booth Rentals?

Our photo booths stand out in that we use flash units that fire six inches above our camera, which will give your guests a flattering, attractive jawline in every one of their photos.

You can also take advantage of photo booth rental upgrades, ranging from data capture, social media platform analytics to the use of a green screen, video, and even facial retouching.

Contact Pic Station to reserve your favorite photo booth option today, just in time for your future event!

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