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24 Nov: How to Inspire User-Generated Content Creation on Social Media

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When you want to build a strong brand and maintain a powerful connection to current and potential customers, user-generated content creation on social media is key. It makes your customers feel involved, heard, and validated. While you want your own team engaged in content creation on social media, having users participate increases your reach. If you're ready to learn how to get everyone excited about posting through your social media accounts, explore some of the top options at Pic Station.

7 Reasons Why a Photo Booth Should Be Part of Your Next Marketing Activation

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You've started a marketing campaign that is integral to your company and you want to make sure it has a major impact among industry professionals and potential customers. Whether you're releasing a new product or you're celebrating quarterly revenue success, a photo booth from Pic Station could be the perfect thing to ensure a successful campaign.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand with a Photo Booth

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A photo booth isn't just for kids to play with at the mall or arcade! Modern photo booths are now making appearances at everything from parties and weddings to corporate events and award show afterparties. If you're a business trying to push for more visibility in the digital space, a photo booth is the perfect way to do it.

6 Trade Show Photo Booth Ideas to Help You Stand Out

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Trade shows are packed full of vendors and businesses each trying to make themselves heard over the crowd. If you regularly go to trade shows and have a hard time standing out, it may be time to step up your game with a photo booth rental. A photo booth acts as entertainment and a giveaway simultaneously — ensuring potential customers spend more time at your station and they take something with them to remember you by.

5 Awesome Customer Appreciation Day Ideas

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Letting customers know that you appreciate them is just one of the ways to keep them coming back to your business. A customer appreciation day allows you to reach all your customers at once to offer them great deals, giveaways, and even treats. Whether you host a day in-store or you choose to make it an online event, Pic Station has some great customer appreciation day ideas for you.

7 Top Tips to Maximize Your Product Launch Strategy

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Hosting a successful launch party requires a lot of strategizing before the event. From the quality of your product to its readiness to hit the market, everything needs to be addressed before you even think about planning the event. If you've already tested and approved a product and it's time to introduce it to the world, consider our top tips for a product launch strategy that will maximize the appeal of your company and your product.

6 Different Strategies to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

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Wondering how to make your business stand out from the competition? Read on to learn different strategies of how to make an impact and stand out from your competitors. Differentiation allows companies to provide superior quality and value to their customers at prices that are affordable. This then creates a win-win situation for your company and the customer, thereby boosting the overall profit margin and viability of your company.

Insider Business Marketing Ideas: How to Boost Your Business 6 Different Ways

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Looking for better business marketing ideas? Today, more than ever, there are many different ways to learn how to boost your business. With a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of attention to customer care, you can get your business on the fast track to success. Read on to find out more! Marketing done right can be an incredible resource for your business and it's profit margin.