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Onsite Headshot Photos: A Creative Event Planning Idea to Amplify Your Next Corporate Function

A man in a gray sweater and collard shirt faces the camera for a portrait.

Want to take your next corporate event to a higher level? One of the best ways to do that is by using creative event planning ideas. When you want your company image, concepts, employes, and customer experience to stand out from the rest, you need to take steps to move the needle in an upward direction.

One of the best ways to do that is by including an onsite headshot photography experience at your next corporate event. There are numerous reasons why doing this will benefit your company. Read on to find out more!

Figure Out New Ways to Generate Interest

First and foremost, generating new forms of interest when coming up with creative event planning ideas is key. And using the opportunity to have positive interactions with your staff and client base whenever possible is always a great idea. So generating engagement onsite at your event can be a great chance for you to implement staff cohesion and unified branding opportunities.

Offer Digital Headshots Taken Onsite In A Photobooth

Drive more traffic to your event experience with a photo booth or a dedicated photographer there to take headshots of your staff or attendees. A crisp, new headshot gives your guests or your staff the online presence necessary to get ahead in the business world today. This also is a great way to boost morale as well as create a unified look or brand for your company. A great headshot can show off the individual’s character, personality, business acumen, and desire to be a team player.

Plus, when taken by a professional photographer, they can rest assured knowing that the photographer is there to help them feel confident, relaxed, and will help to capture their best look. The subjects can then have the opportunity to check out a complete online gallery of their photographs and decide which photo best represents them.

Utilize Company Logos and Branding

With onsite photos at your next corporate event, your creative event planning ideas don’t need to stop there! Your company can utilize numerous features to incorporate logos, images, text, hashtags, and other image attachments that will sync the images to social media.

Men are in a room dancing in business attire.

With a company like Pic Station, that has both corporate headshots as well as photo booths for rent, your company can tap into a real-time connection to both the attendees as well as those who aren’t even at the event itself through the use of social media tagging.

Attendees can brand their images and then instantly connect to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more only moments after having gotten their photo taken. This is a great way to spread the branding of the company well beyond the event itself, increasing brand awareness as well as potential future clientele.

A man in a white sweater stands against a yellow backdrop.

Benefits Of A Great Headshot

Every professional knows the benefits of having a great headshot. It can help with getting that next job, boost self-esteem, and make the individual feel unique. These images are also a snapshot of a moment captured in time, and for most people, capturing great memories is always a plus. Having a great photo of oneself is a way for the individual to feel confident and express an individual look and personality. And when employees and guests alike feel great, they are more likely to share that moment and experience with others. This helps to promote an overall positive feeling with the company and the event as well.If your company is looking for new ways to develop creative planning ideas, take some time to discover Pic Station. They have numerous services that can help make your next corporate event an outstanding and unforgettable experience.

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