Corporate Events

13 Dec: 10 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event in Washington D.C.

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Taking charge of hosting a corporate event in Washington D.C. can be a lot of responsibility. You have to worry about deadlines, budgeting, and much more. If you're looking for some advice on the best way to plan your event and ensure its success, check out these top tips from Pic Station — your professional photo booth company in Washington D.

06 Dec: 8 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event in Las Vegas

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As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Las Vegas offers a lot of entertainment options and a number of different meeting spaces and event venues. If you're looking to plan a conference or host a corporate event in Las Vegas, the distractions that Sin City provides could become a problem for attendees.

02 Dec: 8 Reasons Why a Rented Photo Booth is Better than DIY

Whether it's a corporate event or a private party, photo booths have become a ubiquitous part of celebrations everywhere. From professional booth rentals to DIY photo booth alternatives, everyone is trying to create a memorable event that allows their guests to let loose and have fun. If you're wondering about the benefits of choosing a professional company over DIY, discover what the experts at Pic Station have to say.

30 Nov: How to Keep an Interactive Conference Audience Engaged

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In today's modern era, your conference audience has high expectations for the events they attend. If you're still relying on monotone lectures and basic Powerpoint slides, you'll end up with something outdated and boring. Spice up your conference or event and keep people active and engaged with advice from Pic Station. Ready to learn more? Check out our top ideas to keep your audience hanging on every moment.

28 Nov: 10 Ideas for Your Next Corporate Retreat

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Hosting a corporate retreat for your employees should be more than just a week of relaxing and drinking! You want to treat your team and still have plenty of opportunities for them to learn and grow together. If you're looking for some ideas to create a unique and compelling corporate retreat for your staff, check out the top suggestions from the experts at Pic Station today!

25 Nov: Everything You Need to Know About Seminar Planning

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A seminar is one of the most common events you have to organize as an event planner. Since many seminars are scheduled as half-day or full-day events, they can be a little easier to plan than a conference, but there are still several items you should always have on your list. As participants in several seminars, conferences, and product launches, Pic Station can help you figure out exactly what should go on your seminar planning checklist.

24 Nov: 10 Ways to Make Your Next Event More Sustainable

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Many people are concerned with the environmental impact of the companies they choose to support. You can participate in making the planet a greener place to live and appeal to those who care about the environment when you make your next event sustainable. At Pic Station, we've participated in everything from launch parties and corporate conferences to birthdays and weddings.

23 Nov: 7 Ways to Increase Registration for Your Next Event

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You're planning an event and you want to ensure registration is through the roof. While there is no foolproof way to increase event registration, a combination of a few different strategies can help. At Pic Station, we believe that advertising a fun event and streamlining the registration process is the key to a better turnout. If you're ready to learn how to increase event registration for your next big affair, explore the top advice from the event experts at Pic Station today!

10 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event in Los Angeles

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You're planning a corporate event in Los Angeles and you're looking for guidance and inspiration. Well, you've come to the right place! At Pic Station, we've been involved in organizing a number of corporate and private events throughout LA. Our Los Angeles photo booths are renowned throughout the city! Since we have years of experience helping with events in Los Angeles, read on here for some of the top tips from our coordinating experts.

8 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Photo Booth Company for Your Next Event

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You've decided you want a photo booth at your next event, but you're torn between hiring a random guy with a basic setup or a full-service photo booth company. At Pic Station, we're familiar with this dilemma. A professional company often charges more, but you aren't sure what you're getting in exchange for spending that extra money.