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Annual Sales Meeting Theme Ideas

speaker at an annual sales meetingAs the time approaches for your annual sales meeting, you have a lot of planning to do to ensure your attendees retain all the information you’re trying to share with them. According to many experts, sales reps tend to forget more than 80% of the training they receive just one month after a session. Keeping your audience interested may be the key to ensuring they remember the most important elements of your meeting.

At Pic Station, we’ve helped many companies plan everything from annual sales meetings to launch parties and holiday celebrations. Explore our top picks for annual meeting themes and choose the one that resonates with your team.

1. Portraits of Success

Celebrating your highest performers offers a huge boost for morale and encourages other sales team members to work harder to meet their goals. Let your top team members shoot DIY videos in one of our video booths to provide a more unique alternative to the expected speeches from the bigwigs and executives at your annual meeting.

You can also reward your best earners by gifting them a complimentary session with our corporate headshot professionals. These portraits can be framed for team members of the month, highlight new business cards, and be displayed as their profile photo on the company website.

2. Beat the Competition

beating the competitionBeating the best always boosts excitement and creates a healthy competition in your office. Ensure your team works as a unit when you set them up against your biggest competitor. During the annual meeting bring up the sales goals of a company doing better than yours and highlight how you’d like your team to beat them next year.

3. You Own This

If you’ve been seeing a lackluster performance from your people, you want your annual meeting to be a kick in the behind for anyone who is slacking. You want to remind your sales team that they are great at what they do! While you have great strategies and tactics, having confidence in your product and your pitch is half the battle.

4. Lead the Pack

leading the wolf packYou might see your company as a pack that works together towards survival and success. Improve morale by showing how well you’ve done over the last few years and how you’re helping others follow in your footsteps. Don’t focus on yourself specifically, but take this moment to highlight how leadership and teamwork have contributed to the success of the company.

5. Better, Stronger, Faster

This annual sales meeting theme is especially good if your company is experiencing a low period. Instead of trying to overhaul your entire method, focus on improving what you already have to make your process better, stronger, and faster.

6. Be a Hero

miniature superman figurineIf you’ve had a pretty successful year, take your annual sales meeting as an opportunity to have a little fun. Let your best earners from the last year choose their own superhero persona. They can dress up and give a short speech detailing what they did to be so successful.

Have a photo booth on-site so your other team members can snap a shot with their heroes and stage battles inside a photo or gif booth. The product of your photo booth can be shared on social media to expand your reach with potential customers and build your brand online.

7. Just Do It!

There’s a reason Nike’s slogan is so inspiring! It is powerful because it doesn’t allow for excuses. If your annual sales meeting is meant to be a no-nonsense affair, this theme will really resonate with your reps. Throw out all the excuses and be forthright and honest as you describe your hopes, plans, and expectations for the future.

8. Sports Themes

men competing in a sports tournamentBecause sports are inherently competitive, they provide ample metaphors for your team to get inspired. Fire up morale and determination during your next annual meeting when you compare your sales team to some of the best athletes on the field. Whether you choose football, soccer, or basketball, focus on team sports to enhance collaboration between peers.

9. Star Wars

One more pop culture annual meeting theme, cinema-inspired speeches, and strategies help kickoff your meeting on a positive note. Give your speakers or team leaders a character and lighten the atmosphere when you ask the manager with the toughest reputation to stand in as Darth Vader.

10. Taking on the World

woman holding a globeThis is an especially apt annual meeting theme if your company is planning on expanding. Whether you’re informing your sales reps of new partnerships or mergers, you want to bring your salesforce in on the big picture and show them how they can take on the world. You can utilize different countries to represent merging companies, different departments, or star players that will be heading new teams.

Stay Inspiring

Choosing a strong kickoff theme for your annual sales meeting is the first step towards inspiring your staff and ensuring effective retention strategies. After all the hard work of presentations, speeches, lectures, and seminars make sure you’re rewarding your team with a fun activity and an optional dinner. They can discuss everything they’ve just learned and let off a little steam before jumping into the new year rejuvenated and re-energized.

At Pic Station, we’re happy to help you with every aspect of your annual meeting planning—from helpful tips and advice on our blog to our services including social event photography and photo booth entertainment.

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