Social Event Photography

Social Event Photography for Corporate and Marketing Events

Our social event photography service goes beyond capturing moments—it creates an interactive experience for your guests. With our cutting-edge technology, we provide real-time access to private galleries, allowing attendees to view and share their professional photos instantly making your gathering truly unforgettable.

How does it all work?


Our Pic Station certified professional photographers roam and capture candids and details at your event.


The photos are instantly uploaded to the web where they are branded, and prepared for social media.


Using AI photo recognition technology and the email provided by the guest a link to their own personalized gallery is instantly shared.

Social Event Photography Customized to Your Brand

Our social photography experiences are fully customizable — from the brandable software to the photos themselves — we can fully maximize your event marketing impact, no matter the requirements.

All Social Photography Packages Include:

Up to 3 Hours of Service

Professional Photographer with High End Equipment

Photographer Assistant to Help Manage Guest Flow

Custom Branding for Photo Layouts

Personalized Guest Photo Galleries

Full Gallery of All Photos after the Event

Roaming vs Stationary

Social event photography comes in two dynamic forms to suit your event’s needs: roaming and stationary. Our roaming photography service involves a skilled photographer navigating the event, capturing candid moments and interactions as they unfold, ensuring no special memory goes unrecorded. On the other hand, our stationary setup provides a designated space for guests to strike poses against an array of creative backdrops, resulting in carefully composed, picture-perfect shots that exude style and personality. Whether you prefer the energy of candid captures or the artful precision of posed photographs, our tailored services guarantee that your event’s essence is beautifully preserved.

Recent Case Study

Vanity Fair x Leanne Morgan

Vanity Fair’s support doesn’t stop at bras. That’s why they’ve partnered with comedian Leanne Morgan on her Just Getting Started Tour to support women across the country who are just getting started themselves. Through strategic planning, creative execution, and adept technical skills, Pic Station navigated the intricacies of a full brand activation, ultimately producing a visual narrative that not only complemented the live experience but also served as a benchmark for Vanity Fair Lingerie. This study illuminates the strategies, insights, and artistic choices that drove the success of this dynamic photography activation.

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