Social Event Photography

We have deconstructed the photo booth to offer you the same social media and branding perks, but in a mobile event photographer set up. Our Pic Station certified photographers can be paired with a social media + internet kit that automatically generates branded photos for your guests to share and enjoy, instantly. Upgrade with a printing station. We vet and staff high quality event photographers for events nationwide.

How does it work?


Our Pic Station certified professional photographers roam and capture candids and detail at your event.


Using our photo booth technology, the photos are instantly uploaded to the web where they are branded, and prepared for social media.


A Pic Station photographer’s assistant holding an iPad will offer your guests branded photos to share to social media. Guests can also order a branded print at a remote print station.

What are the benefits?


Give your guests instant gratification and allow them to share your event live, generating buzz and brand impressions in real time.


Do you need multiple photographers who are reliable and high quality but don’t know much about photography? Pic Station can vet and staff your event photographers and manage social strategy from the cloud in real time.


Need to add a print station or want to have a stylized photo shoot? We can create custom event photography solutions to match all your corporate or social event photography needs.