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Social Event Photography

We all know the saying: if an event doesn’t make it to social media, it didn’t really happen. All jokes aside, part of the reason today’s social media platforms are such an important part of our lives is that they help us document our lives’ most momentous occasions. Here at Pic Station, we want to help your event guests capture moments they’ll remember for a lifetime. That’s why we’re passionate about providing special event photography services with a focus on promoting your event on social media.

How does it all work?


Our Pic Station certified professional photographers roam and capture candids and detail at your event.


The photos are instantly uploaded to the web where they are branded, and prepared for social media.


Using AI photo recognition technology, guests are instantly emailed a link to their own personalized gallery.

What are the benefits?


Give your guests instant gratification and allow them to share your event live, generating buzz and brand impressions in real time.


Do you need multiple photographers who are reliable and high quality but don’t know much about photography? Pic Station can vet and staff your event photographers and manage social strategy from the cloud in real time.


Need to add a print station or want to have a stylized photo shoot? We can create custom event photography solutions to match all your corporate or social event photography needs.

Recent Case Study

Vanity Fair x Leanne Morgan

Vanity Fair’s support doesn’t stop at bras. That’s why they’ve partnered with comedian Leanne Morgan on her Just Getting Started Tour to support women across the country who are just getting started themselves. Through strategic planning, creative execution, and adept technical skills, we navigated the intricacies of a full brand activation, ultimately producing a visual narrative that not only complemented the live experience but also served as a benchmark for Vanity Fair Lingerie. This study illuminates the strategies, insights, and artistic choices that drove the success of this dynamic photography activation.

Other Examples

special event photography
special event photography
Wine riot
Wine riot

Tap into Our Special Event Photography Services Now!

We’re ready to give your guests the instant gratification of posting live pictures of themselves at your event. They’ll enjoy the attention they receive, and you’ll enjoy the attention you receive as a result. We can even use multiple photographers to capture your event if needed. And stylized photo shoots are a custom option as well.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can generate buzz about your next event on social media and preserve snapshots of the event for years to come.