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Why Great Event Photography Services Make a Difference

A bride holding balloons stands in the street with her bridesmaids.

There are numerous ways to capture a momentous event. You can ask a friend to take pictures for you, or you can hire a company to take photos, but that leaves the task of delivering information and images to all of the people who weren’t actually at the event — whether they be friends, family, or potential future customers — up to you.

When you put your upcoming function’s event photography services in the right hands, your well-planned private celebration becomes an opportunity to easily share memories with thousands of extended friends, family members, admirers, and potential clients. The right photography service understands that you’ve already invested time, energy, and money in planning your beautiful event: they take the job of collecting, curating, and delivering images from that day off your shoulders.

Social events photography is a powerful way for companies, clients, and event planners to boost engagement with their corporate or private event — even long after the event has ended. A great social photography package helps companies transform the singular, ephemeral experience of a fantastic event into an enduring, permanent value-add across both social media platforms and the web.

There is a somewhat popular saying now that says if it didn’t happen on social media, then it didn’t happen at all. And while this might be a funny exaggeration, the value of event photography services can’t be debated. Today’s social media platforms are vital to our professional and social lives in terms of connectivity, social growth, and the sharing of information. Social events photography helps people to document their lives on the most momentous of occasions and allows for the content created on those occasions to be shared immediately and globally.

A hand holds a photograph of four women posing for the camera.

Whether you’re planning a wedding celebration, a luxurious birthday bash, or the launch of your company’s new product line, capturing the best moments of the event is a crucial step to ensuring that your attendees’ experiences last long after the night is over. And with a specific emphasis on connecting to social media platforms, you can know that even those who couldn’t make the event are able to share in the fun and spread the word about it!

The benefits of using a company specifically dedicated to capturing the event through the lens of event photography services are numerous. With a company like Pic Station, you’ll get certified professional photographers who are able to connect with and photograph people throughout your event, capturing both portraits and candids of all those who want to partake.

Further, with special photo booth technology photos can be instantly uploaded online where they can be branded, hashtagged, and promoted through social media. Other benefits of customizable photo booths or photographers who specialize in social events photography, is the ability to further target your audience beyond the event itself. This can include bundling opportunities with hashtag printers, capturing participants’ email addresses and phone numbers, and even using survey opportunities.

Two women stand next to a Christmas tree in Christmas decorated clothing holding drinks.

So whether your event is for business or pleasure, there are ample opportunities to connect well beyond the event itself. Social events photography can also provide backend analytics if needed.

Check out Pic Station today for more information on this exciting way to capture the most important events in your world!

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