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How Can A Rented Photo Booth Improve Corporate Branding?

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Photo booths are more than just kitschy additions to your best friend’s wedding and your cousin’s birthday party. With the right usage, photo booths can create a whole new marketing strategy for your business. Having a photo booth at a corporate event or party can greatly increase the brand’s visibility by word of mouth as well as on social media and help to market your company in new, groundbreaking ways.

Because social media leaves such a strong footprint wherever it resonates, if your company can get the proper representation and branding from an event, your business has the potential to leave a lasting impact that goes far beyond the date and time of the event itself. One person’s post of their time at your corporate event can lead to the resharing of that event hundreds — if not thousands of times — around the world.

So with a calculated use of marketing strategies for your business, you can both quickly and easily improve the branding of your company.

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Here are some ways that photo booth rentals can increase your brand’s visibility:

1. Custom Backgrounds – One of the best ways a photo booth can help with visibility is with custom backgrounds. This is what the viewer will see behind every single photo taken. Custom backgrounds can include your company logo, social media hashtags, handles, links to websites, and anything else you want your company to share with the public. And remember, every time someone shares that photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, in an email, or even in a text message to a friend, your company’s logo and information will be right there. This furthers the reach of your brand and of your clientele.

2. Timeless Branded Memories – A photo booth with your company’s image, hashtag, handle, or logo in the background and strategically placed on the printed out photo provides a timeless branded memory that will always have your company’s image in the forefront of the content. Custom overlays can also include your company’s name, or the event title to further stay on-brand for the look or image you are wanting to share.

3. The power of marketing strategies for your business doesn’t end there. Immediate social media sharing means that your event will be broadcast live in real-time, globally, as your event is happening. This gives your event a stronger pull in terms of relevance. Guests can share their information to get photos as well as be added to mailing lists, text chains, and surveys. All this data can then be used by your company for future events and branding opportunities.

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4. Hashtag PrintersHashtag photo booth printers are designed to monitor Twitter and Instagram, then print custom branded photos with your specific event hashtag. Guests can receive custom images from the event before they leave and enjoy them for a long time to come. Meanwhile, you’ve just given more visibility to your event and company brand.

5. Animated GIF and Video Booth Rental – Improve the branding of your company even more by using a photo booth with video capability. With this service, you can record videos with high resolution and professional sound. Clients love kiosks that are minimalistic but also fun and interactive. With high def microphones, and top quality cameras, your guests will not only look and sound great, but they will also be sharing your designated logo or image while filming.

These are just some of the ways that a photo booth can improve your corporate branding and improve the marketing strategies for your business. With access to new analytics and data from your users and new followers, your company can then utilize data for future opportunities.

Check out Pic Station and all of their varied, cutting edge photo booth services and discover all the ways you can improve the branding for your company today!

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